Factory of Appealing Scents

Aquilegia Fragrances designs, produces and exports perfumed oils in bulk.

 Aquilegia Fragrances is  located in Grasse (France), the craddle of perfumery.

Aquilegia's perfurmers can design fragrances for different kinds of application (perfumes, cosmetics, air-care, home-care, ...).

Once produced, and controlled, Aquilegia exports its fragrances all over the world.

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Fine  Fragrances

Our perfurmers continuously monitor the markets (european, oriental, ...) to develop turn-key trendy  long-lasting fragrances.

Long-lasting, gorgeous, custom-made, inspired

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Fragrances for diffusion

Aquilegia has gained an expertise on the diffusion's fragrances.

Aquilegia's laboratory has designed specific senses and also  developped compounds to facilitate the diffusion of fragrances

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Shipment everywhere

Aquilegia ships the fragrances via various domestic and international shipping companies

Timely, efficiency, custom documentations